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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh fall. Such beautiful time of year for so many things: renovating, yard work, knitting, cooking soups, and most importantly, traveling to British Columbia! Although honestly, it is a much more beautiful time of year here in Southwestern Ontario than in Vancouver area. I couldn't believe we left +15 days here in London to find wet snow in several parts of the lower mainland and island! No doubt we will be paid back in kind in a few more weeks here :)

So a few pics of the pilgrimage back home for Ian, and back to the home of my soul for me. There were so many fun times and SO many beautiful friends we saw, and I didn't have my camera for the most important visits. I was too busy hugging old friends! (And eating delicious Naam breakfast)

Ian and Grandma B in Comox Harbour
Port Moody, BC
Rocky Point, BC
Crystal Falls, BC
Crystal Falls
Hugest Trees in BC!

Elk Falls, Vancouver Island

Ian and Uncle Bob were stopped here taking pictures and saw a majestic bald eagle fly over this canyon

Mountain Washington, as seen from Comox Harbour

Mr McCann with his Movember 'stache

So, inspired by the cold weather and snow, we spent all weekend breaking out the Christmas Stash (not 'stache) and decking the halls while drinking Champagne. Stay tuned for more pics. Hopefully we'll get some snow like Coquitlam for the holiday pics I post.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's that time of year again...crisp fall weather, short sunny days, the crest of the moon on the new fallen snow, an A-Hole in his bathrobe emptying his toilet into the storm sewer. No wait, that's the Griswald Family Christmas. This post is supposed to be about East-mas-oween-de Mayo.

Here I am peeling apples that were freshly picked on an autumn adventure. Hard to believe we are sitting outside on the last weekend in October!
At one point, everyone in the family was playing Angry Birds on a phone, laptop or I-Pod. Despite playing all afternoon, no one is any good at it at all:
Princess of Cinqo De Mayo, and all delicious Mexican food and drink:
After dinner the "grown-ups" opened their Adult Content Stockings, complete with anti-inflammatories, non-slip bathmats and all types of depends:
More angry birds, or Cranky Pigs as it came to be known:
A beautiful table setting:
Easter Princess Chocolates (Jasmine was missing-IAN!) for Unka Rod:
A Flaming Basket of Hot Sauces:
Kerry in her Halloween Costume:

Congratulations Kerry!

Last Friday family and friends gathered on a sunny afternoon to watch Kerry walk across the stage at Alumni Hall.

It was an important and dignified event that quickly unravelled into a little Grad party filled with jokes at Kerry's expense:

"Look at Banner Kerry!"

All jokes aside, we are very proud. And you know, a lot of people go to college for 7 years!

I am wayyy behind in my blogging this fall. I have thought about giving up the blog many times, but was reminded again this weekend of two important things: 1) There is someone in my life who checks for blog updates EVERY day, and 2) Clearly this person has nothing better to do with her days, so I feel responsible to not disappoint her (hee hee, love you Auntie).

So I will try to catch up on a few important fall events and renos in the next week or so, starting with the CIBC Run for the Cure.

Last year we decided to run/walk/crawl/roll as a family team, and thanks to a dear cousin of mine, we were made to follow through on it. Here are some pictures of "Saving Second Base" preparing for the run, including customizing shirts, dying various body parts, and eating a very pink meal:

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lately I have been thinking I should change the name of my blog. Maybe to something more appropriate... perhaps "Ian-the daily dose of insane things Jenny does" or maybe "Ian-why I work so much overtime" or maybe even just something simple like "Ian-my life in the Princess Ave Zoo". Here are a few examples of things that make total sense to me (jenny) but seem to be, um, puzzling to Ian.

A second cast iron bathtub is absolutely necessary isn't it? The first one we found had to be wheeled home on a scooter, but at least I secured a truck to bring this one from across town!

I think it will make a great addition to the upstairs bathroom! Yes, it's heavy, but that's why we have boyfriends named Ian!

Three cats. Enough Said?

To be fair, Tasha lived with me before Ian did.

The absolute devil dog. I bring this entire topic up b/c if you read the most recent post you will know that Layla ran away for a few hours on Sunday. Then on Monday at about 3:30 there was another disaster-

The entire event started with a LOUD CLUNK while were in bed. Ian actually woke up and said "did that sound like a door"? As usual, I was convinced there was a robber, so I said "Yes!" So downstairs brave Ian goes. Next thing I know he has turned the light on and is glaring at me in this calm but crazy way. He asked "do you smell anything?" and in fact I did smell some skunk. Well, turns out there was no robber, but Layla had plunged through one of the windows after a skunk!! Which of course resulted in a stinky spray. So here we find ourselves tubbing the dog at 3:40am on Monday night. (there is no picture-imagine I stopped helping and said "I just need to go grab the camera"...oh gosh)

And then there was the trip to IKEA with my friends. I think there should be a vote on this one, b/c in my mind this was a very sensible purchase. In November we plan to buy a sectional, coffee table and arm chair from IKEA, so it made sense to me to look in the "AS IF" section while I was there. I found this ottoman for $30!!!! marked down from about $90!!!!

Cheers all around!

Nope, I was immediately reminded by both Ian, and the actions that proved his point, that this uncovered ottoman is a perfect place for the cats to scratch their nails, and for Layla to ram her pointy Doberman nose into.

He was absolutely right.

But then there are moments like this where I can see that Ian is happy to have someone more rational to chill with and cuddle with:

And these moments, when I catch Ian trying to make everyone "just get along":

So maybe the name of the blog will not change. Maybe we will just keep on keepin' on!