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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh fall. Such beautiful time of year for so many things: renovating, yard work, knitting, cooking soups, and most importantly, traveling to British Columbia! Although honestly, it is a much more beautiful time of year here in Southwestern Ontario than in Vancouver area. I couldn't believe we left +15 days here in London to find wet snow in several parts of the lower mainland and island! No doubt we will be paid back in kind in a few more weeks here :)

So a few pics of the pilgrimage back home for Ian, and back to the home of my soul for me. There were so many fun times and SO many beautiful friends we saw, and I didn't have my camera for the most important visits. I was too busy hugging old friends! (And eating delicious Naam breakfast)

Ian and Grandma B in Comox Harbour
Port Moody, BC
Rocky Point, BC
Crystal Falls, BC
Crystal Falls
Hugest Trees in BC!

Elk Falls, Vancouver Island

Ian and Uncle Bob were stopped here taking pictures and saw a majestic bald eagle fly over this canyon

Mountain Washington, as seen from Comox Harbour

Mr McCann with his Movember 'stache

So, inspired by the cold weather and snow, we spent all weekend breaking out the Christmas Stash (not 'stache) and decking the halls while drinking Champagne. Stay tuned for more pics. Hopefully we'll get some snow like Coquitlam for the holiday pics I post.


At 1:33 PM, Blogger theRachel said...

Love this post! We are so thankful to have spent a few sweet hours with you and Ian, and hoping it won't be another 3+ years before we see you guys again! Can't wait to see the house all decorated!

At 4:34 AM, Blogger Aunt Julie said...

Don't you just love the west coast? It is the most beautiful place and everywhere you look, mountains, mountains and more mountains. No wonder Uncle Rod wanted to live there. I'm glad you had a great time and Ian got to visit with some family. Now, you can get busy and get those Christmas house pictures on the blog!!!!!

Love you

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